NFL Star Aaron Rodgers Believes UFO Sightings Are to Distract From Bombshell Release Of “Epstein Client List”

Foυɾ-time NFL MVP Aɑɾon Rodցeɾs belieѵes the news sυɾɾoυndinց UFOs is meɑnt to seɾѵe ɑs ɑ distɾɑction to the ρυblic, Rɑdɑɾ hɑs leɑɾned. The Gɾeen Bɑү Pɑcĸeɾs qυɑɾteɾbɑcĸ, who defines himself ɑs ɑ “fɾee thinĸeɾ,” offeɾed υρ his theoɾү while mɑĸinց ɑn ɑρρeɑɾɑnce on The Pɑt McAfee Show this weeĸ. [embed][/embed]   “It’s inteɾestinց timinց […]

Kathy Ireland Reveals Jesus Is Most Important Relationship In Her Life

The supermodel Kathy Ireland is opening up about her strong Christian faith, going so far as to say that Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in her life. [embed][/embed]   Ireland’s Relationship With Jesus Christ “The most important relationship in my life is with Jesus and though I became a Christian at 18 … […]

Veteran unable to pay for his groceries turns around to hear customer say “it’s our turn”

The veteran was in the store helping others even when he couldn’t afford to treat himself. It takes an act of bravery to join our military and make untold sacrifices for our country. To that end, we should all be thanking our veterans who’ve laid so much on the line for our wellbeing. Unfortunately, though, […]

Waitress Gets & ‘$0’ Tip On ‘$187’ Bill, Turns Heads After Making Facebook Post In Response

A waitress in Colorado used social media to teach a lesson about working in America, When Taylar Cordova received a tip for $0 on a bill of $187.43, she took a picture of the receipt and posted it to Facebook, reports Mic. Her post was accompanied by a passionate and articulate commentary about working as […]

Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins Turns from Alcoholism & Atheism, Becomes A Christian

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of the most well-known actors of our time. For years, he was a well-known atheist, too. But all of that changed when a woman at an AA meeting challenged his disbelief with one, simple question. That was the beginning of the inspiring Anthony Hopkins testimony! (If you’d prefer to listen […]

Dolly Parton’s husband finalIy Is seen in public after 44 years…

he spouse of Dolly Parton was last spotted in public more than 40 years ago Dolly Parton enjoys being the center of attention on special occasions, but her husband is more content to live a quiet life and remain in the background. Dolly respected her husband’s choice, but the artist’s followers are interested in learning […]

Liam Neeson trashes ‘The View’ hosts for awkward interview with him: ‘Wasn’t impressed’

Actor Liam Neeson told the Rolling Stone that he “wasn’t impressed” by “The View” after his recent appearance on the show and he was “uncomfortable” with the segment. Neeson said he was looking forward to the interview while watching the show in his dressing room because the hosts were talking about gun violence in America and added […]

Update: Tim Allen Commits to Seven Episodes With Roseanne: “She’s Cutting Edge”

Roseanne Barr, the controversial comedian and former star of the hit sitcom “Roseanne,” is making a big comeback, and she hasn’t forgotten those who supported her through the tough times. Although the entire cast and crew of her former show, “The Conners,” may be struggling to find work, her good friend and fellow comedian Tim […]

Clint Eastwood Crucifies Snarky Brat Alyssa Milano on Twitter: “Grow Up, You’re 50”

Clint Eastwood could be pushing 100 years outdated, however he’s nonetheless bought it. The getting old icon doesn’t use social media fairly often, however when he does, it’s an impressive factor to behold. When the grasp of codgery aw that Alyssa Milano was appearing like a spoiled toddler once more, he referred to as her […]