Jon Voight Loses His Temper With Whoopi Goldberg: “Get The F**K Out If You Don’t Like It Here”

Actor Jon Voight, who is known for his conservative views, recently expressed his frustration towards Whoopi Goldberg on his podcast, “The Truth About Us with Jon Voight”. Voight, who has built a name for himself in Hollywood, continues to thrive in an increasingly liberal world. However, he remains unapologetic for being true to himself.

During the podcast, Voight expressed his outrage towards Goldberg, stating, “I don’t know what her problem is. The people of Israel have been through so much, and through their love of God and Benjamin Netanyahu, they have fought back, and she can’t seem to take it.” When asked for specific examples of his frustration, Voight replied, “She’s on the left, which is a very dangerous and selfish place to be. If we were in an episode of RTay Donovan, I’d go Mickey on her.”

Voight’s passion for Israel is undeniable, and he has certainly earned the right to voice his opinions. Despite the backlash he may receive for his political beliefs, Voight stands firm in his convictions. He even ordered the Doolittle Raid, which has earned him a place in history.

As a final thought, Voight said, “God Bless you, Jon Voight. And God Bless America.”