Jonathan Winters Comically Recalls His School Days and Gets an A+ in Laughter

Jonathan Winters was the type of comedian who always surprised his audiences with his statements. They were sometimes what was least expected.

His appearance on Johnny Carson was a series of skits in which he played different characters. For each of these, he switched hats to make the characters come to life. He was a farmer who forgot where his farm was located because he got stuck by lightning through an airplane window.

Winters claimed that he only spent an hour in college. That didn’t matter to him, though because he graduated from mining school at the age of 50.

One of his characters was a man whose wife had a washer that didn’t work. She told him to just go – to get out of the house and do something. He had just returned from war, so he decided to kill something. He killed a few squirrels and decided to never kill anything again.

He was married 4 times, and one wife bought him a zebra rug. After thinking about it, he realized that he actually shot a zebra to get the rug. It was missing its tail, something similar to a bear rug missing its head.

He never did like school, and once the teacher called him to the board to solve a problem. He tried to get out of the task by saying he had arthritis in both feet. Winters then told the teacher to bring the board to him.

Winters’ sense of humor is funny at times, but you have to have a certain sense of humor to appreciate him.