Judge Certifies Jacob Chansley’s Release and New Trial – Victory for Justice!

Jacob Chansley was given a 41-month prison sentence for his part in violently entering the US Capitol. However, a judge has now stated that the deal is set to fall apart and Chansley will be released. Our insider from the 64th Federal Court of Writs and Warrants, who handles criminal appeals, reports that Judge Joe Barron believes that Chansley was merely a “tourist” accompanied by police.

The court clerk, Sandy Batt, reported that Barron may take the case from its current court and transfer it to a trial order of subpoena. This would allow him to dismiss the conviction and order a new trial to start right away, and even request bail. Chansley’s attorneys are thrilled to represent him again with new evidence and with the help of Tucker Carlson, who might secure his release.

However, the US Attorney’s office stated that the legal procedure Chansley is relying on does not exist. DOJ representative Skip Tetheludah explained that this is not something a judge, a real court, or anything similar can do. Our sources reiterated that Tetheludah is incorrect and that there is a legitimate path for Chansley to gain his freedom. God Bless America.