New USFL Draws Line in the Sand – Will Fire Players for Anthem Kneeling ‘On the Spot’!

The United States Football League (USFL) may be young and struggling, but they have a promising future. The league’s fan base is growing as they introduce new policies. Their latest policy is a complete ban on kneeling during the National Anthem. League Commissioner Joe Barron has made it clear that the rule is strict and non-negotiable.

According to Barron, “We don’t want any of that nonsense. People kneeling in protest hurts the troops. How could anyone want to do that? What did soldiers ever do to football players?”

The notion that US servicemen and women are affected by kneeling football players has been debated for years. However, data suggests that it may be one of the key factors in the 22 veteran suicide per day statistic, as reported by Tucker Carlson.

Carlson also pointed out that white players who protested injustice didn’t receive as much attention as their fellow players who took a knee during the National Anthem. Carlson even humorously mentioned that this treatment was similar to forcing Jim McMahon to write “Rozelle” on a headband.

The USFL is doing everything possible to attract NFL fans who have abandoned the league. The USFL has an exclusive deal with Pabst for Blue Ribbon drafts, and all local drug stores have agreed to stock extra Sudafed on game days.

The league’s 8-week schedule will begin this year in one of the cities hosting a team. Tickets are available for purchase. God Bless America.