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Cissy from ‘Family Affair’ Was Worried to Be an ‘Older’ Mom – At 77 She Proudly Shows ‘Perfect’ Son


Kathy Garver is best known for her role as Cissy in “Family Affairs.” However, her career began long before she starred in the show. In fact, she began acting at the tender age of seven years old.

By the time she starred on the CBS sitcom, she was 20 and had established herself as a talented actress, but it was the show that turned her into a household name and ensured she had a wonderful career. Now, she is talking about her experiences on the show.

While Garver was in show business from a very young age, her parents ensured she got a wonderful education, and when “Family Affair” ended in 1971 after almost ten years on air, Garver got a normal job.

Garver majored in speech at UCLA and went on to teach speech, character development, diction, and audiobook narration. She worked at Voice One Studios in San Francisco and also conducted workshops throughout America.

She also built a wonderful family with her husband of 40 years, David Travis. The pair met while playing tennis in Palm Springs. Travis is a business executive. Garver said she knew when she met Travis that they would marry.
The couple did get married and spent their honeymoon driving up Highway 1, where they enjoyed the scenic coastal view, and Graver mentioned that her husband thought they had already had their honeymoon when they were in France before that.

How Graver Become An ‘Older Mother’?
Graver was 45 when she became pregnant. She said her pregnancy was risky because she was an “older mother” and a routine doctor’s examination revealed she had gestational diabetes. Garver was concerned about her pregnancy, though.
She decided to take a chorionic villus sampling test, which she was told she could take earlier than amniocentesis to rule out any other complications that might affect her or the baby. It would also tell her her baby’s gender.

The actress said she did not know what she would do if the test said there was something wrong with her baby, but she was lucky in that it came out negative for any health complications for her child.

Later on, Garver welcomed her son, Reid Garver Travis, “a perfect baby boy”, into the world. He was a healthy and happy newborn. However, Garver suffered from postpartum depression, and her friends rallied around her to help her beat it.
She was happy with her son until one day, Reid fell off a step and landed with his face on the arms of a radiator. Garver said the toddler was left with third-degree burns on his face. She ensured he always wore a hat and sunscreen to protect him until he healed.

How Does Garver Live with Her Spouse and Son in Her 70s
While there were some complications when Reid was a little boy, Garver, and her family then became much happier and healthier as he grew up, and now they all live a wonderful life together.
Garver has shared that she and her husband love to sit around the dinner table with their son and share stories. She said everyone in her household helps with dinner, from setting the table to cleaning the dishes.

Reid has also followed in his parents’ Hollywood footsteps and has had occasional roles over the years, but he prefers to keep his head in the business game and become an entrepreneur like his father.

The family enjoys spending a lot of time together, and Garver often shares the things they do together on her social media pages. Throughout the years, she has shared sweet moments and things she and her family enjoy.
Sometimes she posts photos of only herself and her husband, while other times, she shares pictures of herself and her son. She occasionally shares photos of the entire family together, enjoying a mutually favorable activity.

One post of just her and her husband was shared in May last year. It showed Garver and her husband sitting side by side and smiling at the camera in what appeared to be the outdoor seating area of a restaurant.

In the caption, Garver mentioned that she and Travis had been together for 41 years that day and had chosen to mark the occasion by having a meal at their favorite restaurant, Boccachio in West Lake.
She also shared a photo of only herself on Thanksgiving last year. In the photo, Garver stands in the kitchen, lifting a piece of foil to show off the turkey she had made. The caption simply read:

“And the turkey is done!”

Fans and friends from around the world commended her on how good the turkey looked and then wished her a Happy Thanksgiving. Some said they wished her a wonderful day with her family.
Another photo she shared only of herself was one where she posted a series of pictures of herself enjoying the sunshine and sea in Malibu. She posted a close-up selfie of her smiling and two frames of the ocean.

She said she was enjoying the breeze she was experiencing as it was helping cool down the last days of the scorching hot summer she had been experiencing. Once again, fans commented on how good she looked, and one even said the breeze suited her well.

The actress also posts photos of things she likes doing in her free time. One of these things is gardening. She once posted a photo of herself gardening on her Instagram page, to the delight of fans who had similar interests.
The photo was posted in March last year and showed Garver wearing a blue plaid shirt, purple vest, and multicolored gardening gloves as she shoveled sand into a magnificent potplant adorned with ruby red flowers. Her caption said:

“Happy Spring!”

Many fans said she looked beautiful in the photos while others said they could not wait for spring and to plant their own gardens when the weather was warm enough to do so. Another said the plant was outstanding.
This year, Reid turned 32, and she shared photos of the celebration they all shared. The first frame showed a beautiful cake adorned with berries and sprinkles, and the subsequent frames were a few candid photos of her son on his big day.

Garver said they had celebrated her son’s birthday early and then wished her son a happy birthday. In each photo, Reid was smiling and appeared relaxed in a casual outfit or shorts and a sweatshirt.

In her most recent post, Garver shared that her son had come over to help her build her kitchen island. She joked:

“Good to have a handyman around the house.”

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