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Jason Aldean Fires Back After CMT Cancels His Anti-Rioting Song’s Music Video


Country music sensation Jason Aldean is on the road to recovery after a health scare during one of his performances. However, he is now facing another challenge as CMT (Country Music Television) has decided to remove his music video for “Try That In A Small Town.” This video had been in regular rotation on CMT until July 16, as reported by Billboard.

The reasons behind CMT’s decision to pull the video remain unclear, and the number of times the video had aired before its removal is unknown as well. CMT has chosen not to comment on the matter, leaving fans and followers puzzled.

The song “Try That In A Small Town” has sparked debates, particularly among conservatives on platforms like Twitter. Many view the song as a statement against the current “woke” culture and the rioting that sometimes accompanies social issues. The song suggests that such behavior would not be tolerated in a small town, emphasizing the importance of personal accountability.

Jason Aldean, who has a significant following among conservatives and those who appreciate authentic and powerful music, has garnered substantial support for the video on YouTube. At the time of this report, it had surpassed 900,000 views, but it had around 350,000 views when it was removed from CMT.

Upon the video’s initial release, Aldean took to Instagram to express his thoughts about its message. He highlighted the sense of community and mutual support that he experienced growing up in a small town and hoped the video would resonate with others who feel the same way.

In response to the video’s removal, Jason Aldean addressed the situation on Twitter. His post has already garnered millions of views, indicative of the strong opinions and interests surrounding the artist. Aldean staunchly defended his song against what he perceived as false accusations, particularly one claiming the song had a pro-lynching message. He emphasized that the song does not touch on race and pointed out that the video features real news footage, not fictional scenes.

Aldean clarified that “Try That In A Small Town” is about the tight-knit bonds and support found in small communities, irrespective of differences in background or beliefs. He expressed his desire for a return to normalcy in the country, where headlines of senseless tragedies and divisions become less prevalent.

Jason Aldean’s music video for “Try That In A Small Town” is available for viewing, and the video’s message invites viewers to interpret it on their own terms.

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