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Man Had His Name On His License Plate For 25 Years But Now People Are Saying It’s Offensive


A McGill University professor, Carrie Rentschler, reported that the license plate which bore Lorne Grabher’s family name supported sexual violence against women.

Because of this, since 2016, Grabher has been trying to get back his personalized license plate after The Registrar of Motor Vehicles revoked it.

Photo Credit: CBC News
Photo Credit: CBC News

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia awarded him $750 for the costs he had paid in court. The payment was equivalent to what Grabher had paid to the Crown during his earlier legal battle over an affidavit.

In the decision statement released on Thursday, Justice Pierre Muise said that the same-costs award “will do justice between the parties.”

Jay Cameron, Grabher’s lawyer, did his best to strike down the Crown report that linked the license plate, which had the words “GRABHER,” to President Donald Trump’s derogatory comments about women.

Photo Credit: CBC News

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