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Marine Catches Man Stomping On American Flag, So He Does This


A “challenge” desecrating our flag is sweeping the internet. A Marine veteran made a viral video calling out those who are participating.

We’ve seen a lot of shockingly stupid challenges sweep the internet over the years, but none perhaps worse than this. This despicable challenge involves stomping our cherished flag. One brave Marine Veteran wasn’t having it.

Flag Stomping Challenge
The “Eric Sheppard Challenge,” was named after a Black Panther goon who was wanted by police in Georgia after they found his gun on a school campus during a protest.

The challenge consists of filming oneself destroying an American flag to show support for Sheppard, and the sad thing is, many liberals actually did it!

The Eric Sheppard Challenge is the stupidest and most DISRESPECTFUL action anyone can do.

— Sarah Buckley (@SarahBuckles14) May 2, 2015

Marine Veteran Stops Flag Stomping
Finally, U.S. Marine veteran, Shane Lawler, had enough. He posted a video online letting the world know exactly what he thought about this “challenge,” and his rant is epic.

“What we have is a group of people who are challenging other groups of people to stand on the American flag and desecrate it, dance on it, jump up and down on it, all kinds of silly things,” the fed-up veteran said.

He added that the challenge is “ridiculous” before telling people why desecrating a flag is so despicable when you look at our history.

“I’d like to point out the fact that at some point in history, my ancestors, your ancestors, everybody’s ancestors fought in some way, shape or form to be a part of this country and reside in the nation over which that flag flies,” he said.

“And here you are standing on the flag, standing on what your ancestors fought for.” “If you don’t like what America has to offer,” he concluded, “pack your **** and get the **** out.

There might be another country on this planet that is capable of dealing with your , but that’s not me.”

Watch As Marine Lays Down the Law
Listen to this Marine lay down the law on these anti-American protestors in the video below. His language gets a little flavorful as this is a rather passionate argument against disrespecting our flag.

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